Wilmer Pressure Seal Overview Brochure

8 PSM10K ThePSM10K is an integrated folder/sealer designed for organizations with highvolume applications. The integrated conveyor output system helps move your forms in a seamless paper stream, while maintaining the processing order. Features z Bottom feed system z 36˝ integrated output conveyor z Digital counter z Variable speed control z Stainless steel rollers z Variable sheet size z Secure document processing z Improved productivity z Simplicity of design z Compact and durable without compromising throughput A One-Source Solution... providing responsive aftermarket support! High volume applications Z-Fold EZ-Fold Eccentric Z-Fold C-Fold EC-Fold Eccentric C-Fold V-Fold Control Panel PSM10K Specifications Variable Speed 10,000/hour Duty Cycle 200,000 sheets/month Fold Types C, V, Z, EZ, EC return envelope and custom folds Paper Size Up to 8½˝ x 14˝ Counter Manual / Batch Conveyor 36˝ hinged conveyor included Size 12˝ H x 21½˝ W x 41˝ D Weight 75 lbs. Install Phone install included Warranty 6 months A CASE FOR HEALTHCARE THE CHALLENGE: Multiple sources, multiple problems A large healthcare facility, with multiple locations in the county prints and mails invoices and other important information to patients throughout the year. Each location utilizes different brands of folder/sealers and document styles procured from various sources, which has created a number of ongoing and costly problems for the organization. Placing orders and troubleshooting issues with multiple vendors is becoming more timeconsuming and frustrating for busy office administrators. The inefficiency is too large to ignore. Looking to streamline the mailing process and reduce vendor issues, the facility is looking to start over with a new, centralized folder/sealer system and documents provided by a single source that reliably delivers the best products, service, and value. The Solution: Single-source success It didn’t take long for a PSMailers representative to convince this struggling organization of the right choice. First, a PSM10Kwas recommended to handle the large volume of documents processed each week now from one central location. Then, the representative consulted with facility on the complete line of PSMailers documents that work effortlessly with the new system, helping them carefully select the best folding style and imprint options for each type of mailing. What really sealed the deal is the superior service provided by PSMailers with a simple phone call or email. Now the facility can turn to a single source for all their pressure seal equipment and documents issues and needs. Operating more efficiently and cost-effectively, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Benefits