Financial Booklet

HIGHLIGHTED PRODUCT A Teller Stamp Tickets Designed for ease of use, these tickets help keep track of transactions throughout their day B Cash In/Out Tickets can be used for daily transactions regarding the cash drawer. Color coded to eliminate mistakes. C Substitute Check Stock is a specially formatted paper copy of the electronic image of an original check used by banks and considered a legally valid form of payment. It must have the front and back image and MICR information of original check. The base stock paper and other specifications (perforations, check size) must be within the industry standards for regular checks. Substitute checks are also known as Image Replacement Documents. (IRD) D Mini Folders are brand enhancer that provide a showcase piece for use wherever and whenever a professional, organized appearance is needed. E Deposit Tickets Our deposit tickets are the perfect companion for tamper-evident deposit bags. Our high-quality, Basic and Standard ICR (Image Character Recognition) or Laser deposit tickets ensure accuracy and security. F Deposit Bags Keep your cash safe during transfer with tamper-evident deposit bags. All it takes is one lost deposit or cash transfer to put your customer’s businesses at risk. Our deposit bags are the most tamper-evident deposit bags on the market today! Designed specifically for the safe transfer of currency, checks, securities and other valuables. These bags are ideally suited for any business. G Laser Checks At the core of TotalVantage is our Laser Check Program offering three tiers of secure, software compatible laser checks, each with its own distinctive features providing the versatility to meet every budget requirement. H Laser Forms Wilmer offers you and your customers more options and more value with our laser cut-sheet forms. Our software compatible forms cover the most popular software titles and version on the market today. I Pressure Seal Checks A Pressure Seal self-mailer that is designed to be laser printed, folded, sealed, and mailed in much less time than conventional printing and mailing processes using envelopes. It’s a one-piece sheet that when folded, becomes the envelope. That means no more envelopes to inventory, match, and stuff – which helps reduce labor and supply costs right away! B E D G I C F H A 4 FRONT TELLER AREA