Financial Booklet

7 SUPPLY ROOM HIGHLIGHTED PRODUCT A Stock Computer Paper With different sizes and ply arrangements to choose from, this is a flexible office printing solution. The paper is designed to work with dot matrix printers, These paper stocks are ideal for reporting jobs, high-speed print jobs, and larger volume jobs. B PSMailers A Pressure Seal self-mailer that is designed to be laser printed, folded, sealed, and mailed in much less time than conventional printing and mailing processes using envelopes. It’s a one-piece sheet that when folded, becomes the envelope. That means no more envelopes to inventory, match, and stuff – which helps reduce labor and supply costs right away! C PSMailers Machines (PSM1800, PSM3000, PSM3000C, PSM6000, PSM7000, PSM10k) Cost-efficient & time-saving method for mailing & sealing important documents. These machines have the capability to run up to 10,000 forms/hour. Designed to fold & seal documents so you don’t have to! There is a machine for any size business, small to large! D Deposit Tickets Our deposit tickets are the perfect companion for tamper-evident deposit bags. Our high-quality, Basic and Standard ICR (Image Character Recognition) or Laser deposit tickets ensure accuracy and security. E Deposit Bags Keep your cash safe during transfer with tamper-evident deposit bags. All it takes is one lost deposit or cash transfer to put your customer’s businesses at risk. Our deposit bags are the most tamper-evident deposit bags on the market today! Designed specifically for the safe transfer of currency, checks, securities and other valuables. These bags are ideally suited for any business. F Mini Folders are brand enhancer that provide a showcase piece for use wherever and whenever a professional, organized appearance is needed. G Presentation Folders create dynamic presentations with custom folders, report covers, document holders, and other quality presentation products. C B A D F E B G B