Wilmer Compatible Filing Product Catalog

Custom Folders Custom Applications Make the folder work for you. Don’t work around the folder! Any office can improve efficiency when maintaining and researching files! Custom folders give you the flexibility to choose the printing, fastener locations, labels, pockets and more! Leave the assembly to us. Custom Folders. As unique as you need. • 11-, 14-, or 15-point stock • Single reinforced • Fasteners: bonded, embedded, twin prong, custom clip Custom Capabilities: • Custom printing • Strip labels attached to folder (compatible with all popular label systems) • Tinting • Assembly and fulfillment • Tyvek gussets • “W” fold in spine with expansion • Stitched-in dividers • Poly and paper pockets available Custom Applications. For chart dividers, indexes and filebacks. • Improve office efficiency when maintaining and researching files. • Easily identify custom folders, dividers, filebacks, and/or indexes. • Record specific information about a patient, client, or product. Doctor, dentist, lawyer, financial investor, product manager, sales consultant...what does each profession have in common? Files! What’s the best system to use? The one that works for YOUR business. General Industry Medical, Clinical, Dental Legal CUSTOM FOLDERS & ACCESSORIES 24