Wilmer Compatible Filing Product Catalog

26 Custom Dividers The durable, cost-effective index dividers offers a range of index strength with optimum flexibility in customizing your filing or binding system. Choose from colored sheets in polyethylene, white SynthaTab™ or Tyvek® and color code the tabs. Polyethylene Dividers Polyethylene dividers provide the most rigid durability. These dividers are perfect for high-usage areas where there is a risk of exposure to liquids, fluids or extreme temperature variations. Order Polyethylene dividers in different sheet colors to coordinate with most filing and color coding systems. Plus, you can customize tab titles and body copy for maximum flexibility. Tab titles are printed on the tab with black ink and are available in side or bottom tab formats. Tyvek® Dividers Tyvek® dividers are durable and virtually rip-proof. Although not meant to withstand wet or caustic environments, Tyvek® is the perfect choice when strength and durability is important. Tyvek® sheets are white and can be color coded by fusing color or clear polyester film to the tabs. Tab titles can be customized and printed in black or color ink. Tyvek® is a registered trademark of Dupont. Call for custom quoting. 777-Dark Blue 184-White 182-Pink 078-Yellow 359-Maroon 882-Lavender 325-Teal 905-Azure 608-Green 062-Gray 562-Beige 360-Lime 489-Red 081-Ivory 999-Natural 834-Orange 133-Blue 169-Peach 1841-Blue 251-Dusty Rose 1605-Mauve 517-Gold 048-Light Gray Due to variances in printing or computer monitor color depth, the actual Polyethylene colors may vary slightly from the examples. Actual Polyethylene samples are available upon request. CUSTOM FOLDERS & ACCESSORIES