Wilmer Compatible Filing Product Catalog

33 Alphabetic Compatible Labels Please check the label dimensions before ordering. Labels pictured in this catalog are not actual size. One vinyl three-ring binder contains: 2,340 Alpha codes proportioned to expected usage (A-16, B-6, C-7, D-4, E-11, F-3, G-3, H-6, I-7, J-2, K-3, L-5, M-5, Mc-1, N-2, O-12, P-4, Q-1, R-8, S-7, T-4, U-5, V-1, W-4, X-1, Y-1, Z-1). Complete set includes: 27 solid, color-coded labels, each of four colors (red, blue, yellow and green), plus one complete set of 28 alpha indexes for easy reference. Total 2,448 labels..........W-2600 Ring Book Size............ 43⁄4 ˝ x 81⁄2 ˝ 1-5/16˝ 1-1/4˝ W-2600 Series GBS/VRE Compatible Alpha Ring Book Refill Pages Use with Ring Book Set. 10 labels on 20 sheets. 200 labels per polybag. Sold by individual letter. Compatible labels for GBS/VRE’s 8848 series................................. W-2600 1-5/16˝ 1-1/4˝ JETER Compatible Alpha Roll Labels Label Item No. Color W-1100-A fl orange* W-1100-B dk green W-1100-C purple W-1100-D white W-1100-E lt green W-1100-F red W-1100-G lt blue W-1100-H black W-1100-I yellow W-1100-J dk blue W-1100-K tan W-1100-L gray W-1100-M brown W-1100-Mc brown/wht W-1100-N fl orange* W-1100-O dk green W-1100-P purple W-1100-Q wht/black W-1100-R lt green W-1100-S red W-1100-T lt blue W-1100-U black W-1100-V yellow W-1100-W dk blue W-1100-X tan W-1100-Y gray W-1100-Z wht/brown Label Item No. Color W-P1100-A fl orange* W-P1100-B dk green W-P1100-C purple W-P1100-D white W-P1100-E lt green W-P1100-F red W-P1100-G lt blue W-P1100-H black W-P1100-I yellow W-P1100-J dk blue W-P1100-K tan W-P1100-L gray W-P1100-M brown W-P1100-Mc brown/wht W-P1100-N fl orange* W-P1100-O dk green W-P1100-P purple W-P1100-Q wht/black W-P1100-R lt green W-P1100-S red W-P1100-T lt blue W-P1100-U black W-P1100-V yellow W-P1100-W dk blue W-P1100-X tan W-P1100-Y gray W-P1100-Z wht/brown 500 labels per roll packaged in a self-dispensing box. Polylaminated. Compatible labels for Jeter’s 7200 series. Complete set of 27 rolls, A-Z including Mc, packaged in a display carton................... W-1100 *Indicates fluorescent colors 15/16˝ 1-5/8˝ 15/16˝ 1-5/8˝ GBS/VRE Compatible Alpha Ring Book Starter Set JETER Compatible Alpha File Box Refill Sheets Use with Alpha File Box. 9 labels on 25 sheets. 225 labels per package. Sold by individual letter. Compatible labels for Jeter’s 7300 series. For complete set, with file box & indexes............W-P1100 *Indicates fluorescent colors Label Item No. Color W-2600-A dk blue W-2600-B gray W-2600-C red W-2600-D yellow W-2600-E brown W-2600-F lt blue W-2600-G orange W-2600-H pink W-2600-I black W-2600-J lt green W-2600-K gold W-2600-L dk green W-2600-M purple W-2600-Mc purple/wht W-2600-N dk blue W-2600-O gray W-2600-P red W-2600-Q yellow W-2600-R brown W-2600-S lt blue W-2600-T orange W-2600-U pink W-2600-V black W-2600-W lt green W-2600-X gold W-2600-Y dk green W-2600-Z purple W-2600 Series W-1100 Series W-P1100 Series