Wilmer Compatible Filing Product Catalog

35 Alphabetic Compatible Labels Please check the label dimensions before ordering. Labels pictured in this catalog are not actual size. One vinyl three-ring binder contains: 3,105 Alpha codes proportioned to expected usage (A-14, B-5, C-6, D-4, E-9, F-3, G-3, H-5, I-6, J-2, K-3, L-4, M-4, Mc-1, N-2, O-10, P-3, Q-1, R-8, S-6, T-4, U-5, V-1, W-3, X-1, Y-1, Z-1). Complete set includes: 27 solid labels, each of four colors (red, blue, yellow and green). Total label count 3,456..W-2120 Ring Book Size............ 53⁄8 ˝ x 81⁄2 ˝ Use with Ring Book Set. 27 labels on 10 sheets. 270 labels per polybag. Sold by individual letter. Compatible labels for Jeter’s 2900 series....... W-2120 W-5101BFO W-5102YFO JETER/TAB Compatible Alpha File Box Starter Set Refill Set 2,844 labels, no box or index. Refill for W-5101BFO.....W-5103 Refill for W-5102YFO. ....W-5104 2,844 labels, no box or index. Complete set includes: A-38, B-14, C-16, D-9, E-25, F-7, G-8, H-15, I-7, J-4, K-7, L-13, M-13, Mc-4, N-6, 0-29, P-9, Q-2, R-20, S-18, T-10, U-11, V-3, W-9, X-2, Y-4, Z-3. See W-5100 series (next column) for colors. W-2120 Series JETER Compatible Mini-Alpha Ring Book Starter Set Use with Alpha File Box Kit. 9 labels on 25 sheets. 225 labels per polybag. Sold by individual letter. Compatible labels for Jeter’s 5100 series 1-1/2˝ 3/4˝ 1-1/2˝ 3/4˝ Label Item No. Color W-2120-A lt green W-2120-B brown W-2120-C white W-2120-D red W-2120-E yellow W-2120-F lt blue W-2120-G purple W-2120-H gray W-2120-I dk green W-2120-J gold W-2120-K dk blue W-2120-L orange W-2120-M black W-2120-Mc blk/wh W-2120-N green W-2120-O brown W-2120-P white W-2120-Q red W-2120-R yellow W-2120-S lt blue W-2120-T purple W-2120-U gray W-2120-V green W-2120-W gold W-2120-X blue W-2120-Y orange W-2120-Z black Jeter Compatible Mini-Alpha Ring Book Refill Pages W-2120 Series 15/16˝ 1-5/8˝ 15/16˝ 1-5/8˝ JETER/TAB Compatible Alpha File Box Refill Sheets W-5100 Series Label Item No. Color W-5110A red W-5111B lt orange W-5112C dk orange W-5113D lt green W-5114E dk green W-5115FB blue W-5116FY yellow W-5117G purple W-5118H lavender W-5119I salmon W-5120J red W-5121K lt orange W-5122L dk orange W-5124M lt green W-5123Mc brown W-5125N dk green W-5126OB blue W-5127OY yellow W-5128P purple W-5129Q lavender W-5130R brown W-5131S salmon W-5132T red W-5133U lt orange W-5134V dk orange W-5135W dk green W-5136X blue W-5137Y purple W-5138Z lavender J TER eries