Wilmer Financial Catalog

2 T a b l e o f c o n t e n t s Three Tier Check Program 3 • Tier 1 Basic Laser (black imprint) Checks 4 • Tier 2 Standard Laser (black imprint) Checks 5 • Tier 3 Standard Plus Laser Checks 6 Standard Plus Laser Forms 7 Security Features 8-9 Stock Laser Checks 10 Stock Laser Forms 11 Standard Continuous Checks 12 Standard Plus Continuous Checks 13 Standard Plus Continuous Forms 14 Pantographs & Borders 15 Jump Start Laser Kit 16 Laser & Continuous Compatible Envelopes 17 3-On-A-Page Manual Checks 18-19 Pegboard Checks 20-21 Banking Documents 22 Stock Computer Paper 23 Substitute Check Stock 24 Voucher Checks 25 Deposit Tickets / Laser Deposit Tickets 26 Deposit Bags 27 Tax Forms 28 PSM ailers (Pressure Seal) 25-34 • Model Description 35 Quality. Security. Flexibility. That's the TotalVantage line of checks, forms, envelopes and more! Rely on TotalVantage for: Total Commitment to providing the Highest Quality plus continuous improvement of all our products and services. Total Commitment to providing the Maximum Security to protect your checks and financial future. Total Commitment to providing the Upmost Flexibility with a wide variety of products, services and options to choose from. Let TotalVantage be your source for all your checks and forms, and so much more. Experience the TotalVantage difference today! Table of Contents