Wilmer Pressure Seal Overview Brochure

PSM1800 ThePSM1800makes pressure seal a viable option for small business. It brings all the pressure sealer capabilities to customers processing as few as 6,500 documents per year. It folds and seals all popular fold types with adjustable fold plates. Features z Bottom feed system z Stainless steel rollers z Variable sheet size z Catch tray included Streamline your payroll... while saving time and money! z Perfect for short run applications z Secure document processing z Improved productivity z Simplicity of design z Compact and durable without compromising throughput Z-Fold THE CHALLENGE: Streamline payroll A growing retail franchise in the Midwest has been processing payroll for its 100+ employees manually for years. While this method was manageable when the company first started, it was becoming very time-consuming with every new round of hires, taking up to 100 man-hours annually to process weekly payroll. With plans for expansion, management is seeking ways to automate and streamline the process to save not only time, but money as well. The business owner explored several pressure-seal systems that could handle a lower volume at a cost that could be amortized in a short amount of time. With three low-volume models to choose from that were well within their budget, PSMailers quickly became the clear choice for this thriving franchise. The Solution: Low volume, big results The PSM1800 proved to be the right match for the company’s needs and budget. With the ability to process up to 120,000 documents per year, this low-volume unit has the capacity to meet their current needs and keep up with future demands as they continue to expand. What’s more, the PSM1800 system cut the time spent on payroll in half, enabling this small enterprise to achieve a return on investment in little over a year’s time. Low volume applications A CASE FOR BUSINESS EZ-Fold Eccentric Z-Fold C-Fold V-Fold PSM1800 Specifications Fixed Speed 1,800/hour Duty Cycle 10,000 sheets/month Fold Types (81⁄2 ˝ x 11˝) C, V, Z Fold Types (81⁄2 ˝ x 14˝) Z, EZ Paper Size Up to 8½˝ x 14˝ Break-Even 6,500 documents/year Catch Tray Included Size 12˝ H x 20˝ W x 16½˝ D Weight 50 lbs. Install Phone install included Warranty 6 months 4 Benefits