Wilmer Pressure Seal Overview Brochure

5 PSM3000 / PSM3000C ThePSM3000 is an affordable desktop solution providing a good fit for small business looking to streamline their document processing. Designed for low volume mailings, this folder/sealer has a processing throughput of up to 3,000 forms per hour (PSM3000C includes counter). Features z Bottom feed system z Stainless steel rollers z Variable sheet size z Catch tray included Benefits z Secure document processing z Improved productivity z Simplicity of design z Compact and durable without compromising throughput THE CHALLENGE: Making the grade for productivity A school district with 7,500 students, from elementary to high school, needs to replace its pressure seal system for printing quarterly grade reports. The current top-feeding machine gets a failing grade for its insufficient hopper capacity and processing speed which requires the constant attention of an administrative assistant to stop, reload and restart the machine every few minutes. Not only was the process time-consuming, but it also compromised the confidentiality of the grade reports being processed in this busy district office with visitors frequently coming and going. Key priorities established by school administration for the new system include increased productivity and capacity, limited visibility of reports as they are processed, and the best value for their investment. A quick search on-line revealed PSMailers to be the smartest solution for this school district. The Solution: Smart features improve the process Upon staff recommendation, the district purchased the PSM3000, a low-volume pressure seal model that checked all the boxes for productivity, privacy, and price. With a hopper capacity of 250, a more efficient bottom-feed design, and processing speed of 3,000 per hour, this pressure seal solution helped the district greatly improve the grade reporting process overall. Because there is no need to stop the unit during the process, grade reports are now folded, sealed, and ready for distribution in about 30 minutes. Maintaining Confidentiality... to protect personal privacy! Z-Fold Low Volume Applications EZ-Fold Eccentric Z-Fold C-Fold V-Fold A CASE FOR SCHOOLS Control Panel for PSM3000C PSM3000/3000C Specifications Fixed Speed 3,000/hour Duty Cycle 25,000 sheets/month Fold Types C, V, Z, EZ Paper Size Up to 8½˝ x 14˝ Counter (PSM3000C) Included Catch Tray Included Size 12˝ H x 20˝ W x 16½˝ D Weight 55 lbs. Install Phone install included Warranty 6 months