Wilmer Pressure Seal Overview Brochure

6 PSM6000 ThePSM6000delivers unparalleled value to the pressure seal market. Ideal for small to midrange users, it includes an integrated conveyor output system to maintain document processing order. A digital counter with a batch-counting mode is provided for accurate record-keeping and document processing. The robust duty cycle, combined with the unique bottom feed system, enables maximum return on your investment dollars! Features z Bottom feed system z Integrated output conveyor z Digital counter z Variable speed control z Stainless steel rollers z Variable sheet size z Secure document processing z Improved productivity z Simplicity of design z Compact and durable without compromising throughput Bridging the Gap... between today’s needs and future requirements! Low / Medium volume applications EZ-Fold Eccentric Z-Fold C-Fold V-Fold Control Panel A CASE FOR NON-PROFITS PSM6000 Specifications Fixed Speed 6,000/hour Duty Cycle 40,000 sheets/month Fold Types C, V, Z, EZ Paper Size Up to 8½˝ x 14˝ Counter Manual / Batch Conveyor 18˝ conveyor included Size 12˝ H x 21½˝ W x 30˝ D Weight 70 lbs. Install Phone install included Warranty 6 months THE CHALLENGE: Limited budget, unlimited potential With the success of several big events over the last year, a regional non-profit organization on the East Coast has greatly increased its database of donors. Poised to expand support for its important cause, the organization still must operate within its limited budget and resources. This is driving their decision-making as they explore an efficient method of processing upwards of 5,000 contribution statements and solicitation mailings per week. For an operation such as this, a pressure-seal mailing system is the wisest solution for their near and longterm needs. PSMailers offer not only a range of models and documents to choose from, but also superior customer/technical support which is crucial to this non-profit group whose employees take on many roles in any given day and often work long hours. The Solution: Capacity for today – and tomorrow The PSM6000, a medium-volume unit, fit the organization’s needs perfectly. With the capacity to process up to 6,000 documents per hour and a duty cycle of 40,000 per month, the PSM6000 offers the flexibility to meet their current – and future – document processing requirements. This folder/sealer model also includes an integrated conveyor and digital counter at no additional cost, providing even more value for this budget-minded organization. Thanks to the efficiency of the PSM6000, this successful non-profit is now in a better position to reach more supporters and fulfill its important mission of helping those in need. Z-Fold Benefits