155 GENERAL INFORMATION: Labels Prices effective January 1, 2020 LABELS General Information For Manual Catalog Orders Print-ready artwork is defined as artwork that is provided at 100% size, requires no typesetting and has a ⅛" margin on all sides, including a bleed when needed. Exact position of text and graphics should be indicated. For copyrighted images, submit an authorization form with your order. Changes or Cancellations Changes to orders in progress may require additional charges and/or time. Cancellations after an order is in progress will require payment for work completed. A minimum fee of $25.00 (V) will be charged for all cancellations or changes. If the order has already been printed, the full order value will be charged. Consecutive Numbering Indicate a starting number and format(01,001,0001) when ordering. Consecutive numbering is available on most stocks and provided on rolls. Call for pricing on individually cut and numbered labels. Copy/Stock/Ink Changes If you have copy, stock or ink changes for multiple lots or versions of labels, we may be able to group your order for better pricing. Contact us for details Drop Ship A $2.50 (V) charge per address will apply. Overruns You will not be charged for Label overruns Pantone Match/PMS Inks $50.00 (V) per ink Proofs Stock color will not be represented on proofs and are available electronically or by fax. Proofs must be requested when orders are submitted and are available on the same day if received by 2 pm CT. First proof is free; additional proofs are $18.00 (V) . Once we receive your approval of the proof(s), we will begin creating your order. If you should decide against ordering, or place your order more than 30 days after the creation of the last proof, a minimum charge of $18.00 (V) will be applied to your order. Screens and Registration Screens are available with a 5%–95% tint. Registration of color-to-color is within industry standards of 1/32". Standard Inks All standard inks are not opaque. They may appear transparent on clear stocks and some ink colors will vary on colored stocks. Variable Data If using variable text or data, see “Variable Data Guidelines” on page XX for more information. Consecutive Numbering Upcharge 100 250 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000 10,000 $92.50 $92.50 $92.50 $92.50 $99.75 $107.00 $121.50 $157.75 (V) 1003 1004 1005 Create one item sized correctly per document. Placed graphics and text should be sized at 100%. For freeform™ laser cut labels, create a layered file that includes the cut path. Color Requirements Spot Color Printing Submit black and white bitmap mode images at 600 dpi and grayscale mode images at 600 dpi for standard spot printing. For freeform™ laser cut labels, create a layered file that includes the cut path. Process Color Printing We recommend a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for any Photoshop file or placed (raster) image for best quality. Every element of the file must be colored with process CMYK colors (no RGB, indexed color, etc.). If RGB or other non-CMYK colors are used in your files, the necessary conversion to CMYK will change the appearance of the colors when we print, sometimes dramatically. While we are often able to closely reproduce a spot PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® (PMS) ink using Process Color, PMS spot colors and process colors are produced using different methods. Therefore, colors produced in 4 color will differ from PANTONE® spot colors, sometimes significantly. Please refer to a Solid to Process Color Imaging Guide for color conversions. Fonts Using your illustration program, convert all text “to curves” or “create outlines” in your files. Never use the stylization palette to bold, italicize, add drop shadow to or put outline on your fonts. If you are using fonts not owned by Navitor, outlines must be created in an illustration program before submitting your artwork. Margin Requirements Labels must be set up with at least a ⅛” margin. Bleed Requirements 1⁄16” should be allowed on all sides. Example: Artwork for a 2” x 3” label with bleeds on all four sides would measure 2⅛” x 3⅛” Rights to Promotion Navitor® reserves the right to use all products in our advertising and displays unless specified in writing at the time of order. White Back-Up Clear stock labels are a popular choice for many uses, but sometimes it needs a little help to ensure they are visible, easy to read and communicate effectively. White back-up is the process of applying white ink directly behind the artwork to make it easier to read on clear stocks. Creating Your Files WHITE FLOOD COAT NO WHITE BACK-UP OR FLOOD WHITE BACK-UP WHITE INK ONLY