GENERAL INFORMATION: Labels 156 Prices effective January 1, 2020 LABELS Stock Stock Code Indoor Outdoor Application Temp Service Temp Gloss White Gloss A I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F White Gloss Blockout Q I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F White Gloss Removable AS I +25˚F min. -40˚F to +200˚F Ivory Gloss BC I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F Yellow Gloss B I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F Black Gloss O I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F Forest Green Gloss P I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F Matte White Matte G I +25˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F White Matte Blockout R I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F White Matte Removable BF I +40˚F min. -65˚F to +180˚F Ivory Matte BH I +25˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F Yellow Matte AM I +25˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F White EDP H I +25˚F min. -40˚F to +300˚F Recycled 30% White Recycled Semi-Gloss TR I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +180˚F Film/BOPP White Film BOPP WB I +23˚F min. -20˚F to +200˚F Clear Film BOPP BJ I +23˚F min. -20˚F to +200˚F Silver Film BOPP KR I +25˚F min. -40˚F to +175˚F Foil Gold Foil D I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +160˚F Silver Foil E I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +160˚F Dull Gold Foil AI I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +180˚F Dull Silver Foil AH I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +180˚F Fluorescent Green I I +32˚F min. -4˚F to +176˚F Orange AE I +32˚F min. -4˚F to +176˚F Pink AF I +32˚F min. -4˚F to +176˚F Chartreuse AG I +32˚F min. -4˚F to +176˚F Red C I -20˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F Premium Brown Kraft BW I +35˚F min. -50˚F to +140˚F Estate #8 SW I +20˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F Estate #9 ET I +20˚F min. -65˚F to +200˚F Polyester Clear Y I/O +25˚F min. -40˚F to +302˚F Silver X I/O +25˚F min. -40˚F to +302˚F Silver Brushed S I/O +50˚F min. -40˚F to +302˚F Gold U I/O +50˚F min. -40˚F to +302˚F Gold Brushed Z I/O +50˚F min. -40˚F to +302˚F Polyolefin White J I/O +10˚F min. -40˚F to +200˚F White Removable JR I/O +50˚F min. -40˚F to +250˚F Yellow V I/O +10˚F min. -40˚F to +200˚F Stock Reference Guide Label Adhesives All labels featured in this catalog, with the exception of Window lite, are provided with permanent adhesive and cannot be easily removed without certain solvents. White Gloss Removable, White Matte Removable and White Polyolefin Removable will become permanent over time. These stocks do not remove well from paper. Label Application For best results, labels should always be applied at room temperature to smooth, dry, clean, oil-free surfaces. Ink colors will appear transparent on clear stocks. If there is any question as to the proper application, please request free samples to test. Prices subject to change without notice.