Presentation Folders

Prices subject to change without notice. GENERAL INFORMATION: Presentation Folders 139 PRESENTATION FOLDERS Add Charges to Base Price Per Piece 50 100 250 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 5,000 Class 2 $0.110 $0.110 $0.110 $0.110 $0.110 $0.110 $0.110 $0.110 $0.110 $0.110 Class 3 $0.210 $0.210 $0.210 $0.210 $0.210 $0.210 $0.210 $0.210 $0.210 $0.210 Class 4 $0.410 $0.410 $0.410 $0.410 $0.410 $0.410 $0.410 $0.410 $0.410 $0.410 Class 5 Premium Stocks n/a n/a $0.610 $0.610 $0.610 $0.610 $0.610 $0.610 $0.610 $0.610 Additional Stock Options (R) Price shown is per piece. These stocks are available on any folder product where the Stock Upgrade icon is shown. The price per piece for all stock upgrades do not vary by quantity. Stocks will be printed flat unless otherwise indicated. Thermography printing is available for limited stocks as noted in the Stock Grid on page 138. Colorsshownareaclose representation.Exactcolorwillvary. Black Red Burgundy Dark Blue Light Blue Silver Dull Silver White Green Copper Gold Dull Gold Clear Foil Colors Black Gray Brown Burgundy Brick Red Red Orange Reflex Blue Dark Blue Light Blue Teal Green Forest Green Standard Ink Colors Add Charges to Base Price Per Piece 50 100 250 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 5,000 Heavy Ink Coverage** $2.822 $1.447 $0.603 $0.324 $0.191 $0.136 $0.113 $0.098 $0.090 $0.062 UV Gloss Coating $0.891 $0.479 $0.232 $0.149 $0.108 $0.096 $0.093 $0.082 $0.082 $0.077 Additional Ink $2.730 $1.391 $0.572 $0.299 $0.170 $0.124 $0.098 $0.088 $0.075 $0.052 Additional Foil Stamp Color* $2.740 $1.483 $0.608 $0.350 $0.216 $0.180 $0.155 $0.139 $0.127 $0.093 Additional Emboss Area* $6.824 $3.507 $1.432 $0.788 $0.438 $0.306 $0.237 $0.201 $0.187 $0.129 Imprint Upgrade (R) Price shown is per piece. *Price includes one standard foil color or single level emboss with a total coverage area of up to 36 square inches. Additional options increase production time, call for estimate. **Heavy ink coverage adds 2 production days. Point (pt.): Caliper refers to the thickness of a single sheet of paper in thousandths of an inch. Pound (lb.): Weight of 500 sheets in the stock’s industry standard basic size (different for all paper types). Uncoated Paper: Has a flat finish and is available in many textures. Uncoated has a porous, more natural feel. Most recycled paper is uncoated. Ink will soak into fibers of the paper. As a result, inks will appear different when printed on uncoated paper versus coated. C1S Paper: Paper coated on one side. C2S Paper: Paper coated on both sides. Gloss Finish: Provides a lot of “shine” resulting in higher contrast. Good for full color images where color needs to “pop”. However, this finish is very sensitive to dust and fingerprints (on UV Gloss Finish). Semi-Gloss Paper: Provides a great compromise between a smooth/matte finish and a gloss finish. Helps reduce glare, dust, and fingerprint issues. Silk: Provides very little glare. Good for enhancing designs with more subdued layouts and color sets. Stock Terms Print Process Codes: Spot Color Full Color Process UV Gloss Coating Thermography Foil Emboss FC UV Environmental Paper Codes: Renewable Energy: This stock was manufactured using 100% renewable energy Green Seal Certified: Stock contains at least 30% post-consumer material. Recycled Material: This stock is made from recycled material. Forest Stewardship Council: This paper originates in a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable, well-managed forest. Carbon Neutral: This stock was made using carbon neutral processes with energy derived from natural processes that are replenished constantly. Post-Consumer Waste: This stock was made using a certain percentage of recycled material (post-consumer waste). Laminating: Call for pricing and availability. Allow an additional 7 working days. UV Coating: Ultraviolet (UV) coatings provide added durability, and UV cured coatings are thicker and more protective than varnish or aqueous coatings. The following UV coating options are available for use on our coated paper stocks identified in the table on page 138. Gloss: This is a glossy coating over the entire printed surface of a folder. See imprint upgrade table below. Spot Gloss: This coating applies a highlighted high gloss sheen to targeted areas of your design. Contact us for details. Aqueous Coating: This is a clear, fast-drying coating used to protect printed pieces. Aqueous satin and gloss coatings are available upon request. Contact us for details. Coatings