Presentation Folders

GENERAL INFORMATION: Presentation Folders 140 Prices effective January 1, 2020 PRESENTATION FOLDERS General Ordering — Standard Practices Additional Die Set-Up Additional die set-up charges will be applied as necessary if the 36 total square inches of coverage is exceeded for foiling or embossing. Art Charges If your layout requires special attention or your artwork is unsuitable for reproduction, we will make the necessary changes. You will be notified if artwork charges apply. Business Card Slits • Standard business card slit options include horizontal, vertical or half moon slits centered on the pocket. • Slits can be centered on either the right, left or both pockets for no additional charge. • The business card slits depicted on the line art for each product style throughout the catalog are for position only. Please specify position on your order. • For special slit orientation or other slit options. Contact us for details. Coated Stocks If your artwork requires copy to be printed across score/fold lines (ie. folder spine or pocket folds) we recommend changing to a 12 pt. stock to minimize the potential for cracking along those score/fold lines. Uncoated Stocks If your artwork requires copy to be printed across score/fold lines (ie. folder spine or pocket folds), we recommend changing to a 100 lb. stock to minimize the potential for cracking along those score/fold lines. Die Charges A die setup charge will be applied for an envelope slit, 4¼ " custom pad slit, flash drive slits, or file card punch out. Custom die cut dies will vary in cost according to the size and amount of detail in your design. Call or send design for a price quote. Allow 5 working days. Dies will be stored at FolderWorks™ at no additional cost unless otherwise requested. Drop Ship Additional charge applies per location. Final Folding & Shipping Folders are shipped flat/open. If folders need to be folded in half when they are shipped, please indicate on order blank. Additional charges may apply to unglued folders. Heavy Ink Coverage • Any solid or screened areas exceeding 15% of the front or back cover (4" X 4" area) must be flat printed. • Any solid areas of spot color exceeding 50% of the front or back cover will require the heavy ink coverage add on price. Additional production time will apply. Inside Copy Printing inside above pockets requires an extra charge due to the additional press run required. Contact us for details. Additional production time is also required. Over/Underruns All presentation folder orders are considered to be “exact quantity” orders. We send you the quantity you order. Absolutely no shortages! And, if we produce extras, we will not automatically send the extras and charge you for them. Pocket Copy When laying out copy for folder pockets, allow ¾" additional margin for reinforced edges. Printing on folder pockets is not considered inside copy. Proofs • Your first electronic proof is Free! PDF and color proofs are available. Color proofs may not be exact. Add 2 working days to the production time when requesting a proof. Contact us for details. • An Epson proof is also available (or as an alternative) for $40 per side. This is a high resolution full color process digital proof for color matching and resolution purposes. It is not a fully produced folder; we will ship you a flat sheet of Epson paper printed with your customers artwork, including die lines for the cut and score areas. • Press proofs available. Contact us for details. Right to Promotion & Pricing FolderWorks™ reserves the rights to use all products in our advertising and displays unless specified in writing at the time of order. Prices are subject to change without notice. Rush Orders If production schedule allows, charges for rush orders are based on time constraints and complexity of the order. Contact us for details and availability. Third Party Shipping Additional charges apply; contact us for details. Special Ink Special inks are available per color by selecting from the PANTONE® Color Formula Guide. Requesting an exact match from a color swatch or sample may require an additional color match charge. Standard Inks All standard and PMS inks are translucent. There is no additional charge for PMS inks. We do not recommend printing ink on dark colored stocks due to the ink discoloring. A no-charge reprint is not available when printing inks on dark colored stocks. Creating Your Files Bleed Requirements ⅛" (.125") should be allowed on all sides. Make sure the text still maintains the required margin even when graphics bleed. Color Requirements Navitor now has a new “Accurate Color” System. You can now send your files colored using the intended PANTONE® Matching System (PMS) color instead of having to color it using CMYK colors. Every effort will be made to print your intended color within acceptable standards. File Requirements Create one item sized correctly per document. Placed graphics and text should be sized at 100%. Fonts Using your illustration program, convert all text “to curves” or “create outlines” in your files. Never use the stylization palette to bold, italicize, add drop shadow to, or put outlines on your fonts. If you are using fonts not owned by Navitor, outlines must be created in an illustration program before submitting your artwork. Four Color Process Printing • Every element of the file must be colored with process CMYK colors (no RGB, indexed color, etc.). Files must be 300 dpi or higher. • PANTONE® Matching System (PMS) spot colors and process colors are produced using different methods. Therefore, colors produced in four color process will differ from PANTONE® spot colors, sometimes significantly. Refer to a Solid to Process Color Imaging Guide for color conversions. Margin Requirements For spot color printing using one or more spot colors, artwork must have the position noted in the special instructions, or a sample must be attached. Four color process printing should have at least ⅛" (.125") margins. Printing Black vs Black for Four Color Orders Use printing black (C-80%, M-80%, Y-80%, K-95%) instead of 100% black when in registration with other colors, in areas with heavy ink coverage, and for bold type or lines (2.5 points or thicker). Use 100% black in all other instances. If the CMYK mixes used in your file do not match the Multicolor numbers chosen, we will use the file as is and print as a “CMYK Scan” with no guarantees. Spot Color Printing Submit black and white bitmap images at 600 dpi and grayscale mode images at 600 dpi for standard spot printing. Swatch Library Our Swatch Library can be installed on equipment that is running any Adobe product. This will give you access to all of our colors and their mix settings to ensure that we print exactly what you create. The instruction file will walk you through process of setting up the file. The library and instructions for installation can be found under “Help and Resources” on our website. Changes or Cancellations Changes to orders in progress may require additional charges and/or time Cancellations after an order is in progress will require payment for work completed. Additional Information Visit or Contact Us Regarding: Coloring your artwork for spot colors, ink coverage definitions and options, available coatings, and other information and guidelines. General Information For Manual Catalog Orders Horizontal Vertical Half Moon Horizontal Half Moon Vertical Universal Half Moon