Wilmer Compatible Filing Product Catalog

28 HEALTHCARE-RELATED PRODUCTS HIPAA requires covered entities to take steps to limit the use and disclosure of PHI, which means that healthcare entities are required to develop policies and procedures that address protecting the privacy and security of patient information. Civil and criminal penalties have been established if covered entities violate patients’ rights. The Office of Civil Rights is the oversight agency responsible for HIPAA compliance. HIPAA Products Written Notice of Privacy Practices must be provided to patients on or before the first encounter and to other persons upon request. The Notice notifies the patient of all uses and disclosures of his or her protected health information and outlines all the legal duties of the practice. The form is over seven pages, completely comprehensive and includes all of the key elements required by HIPAA and more! In addition, the form has a removable label which provides practices with a written acknowledgement that the patient received the Privacy Notice (as required to be HIPAA compliant), no need for the practice to make copies and file additional paperwork, simply place the label onto the patient folder. This form is also available in Spanish and can also be imprinted. Notice of Privacy Practices – W-HIP120 & Additional Forms Additional HIPAA Forms Item No. Subject Pkg. Qty. Wt. (lbs.) W-HIP101 HIPAA Employee Training Record 25 8 W-HIP102 HIPAA Practice Training Record 25 1 W-HIP103 PHI Access Log 250 26 W-HIP104 PHI Disclosure Log 250 4 W-HIP105 Patient Request for Amendment of Health Information 100 5 W-HIP106 Patient Request for Accounting of Disclosures 100 2 W-HIP107 Patient Request to Inspect/Review PHI 100 2 W-HIP108 Patient Request for Confidential Communications 100 2 W-HIP109 Patient Request for Restrictions on Use and Disclosure of PHI 100 2 W-HIP110 PHI Tracking Log 100 2 W-HIP111 Authorization to Release Information 100 2 W-HIP120 Notice of Privacy Practices 250 15 W-HIP120SP Notice of Privacy Practices (Spanish) 250 15 W-HIPPOST Notice of Privacy 1-8 1 W-HIPPOSTSP Notice of Privacy (Spanish) 1-8 1 W-HIPBINDEX5 Index (bottom tab) 100 3 W-HIPSINDEX5 Index (side tab) 100 3 W-HIPSTARTA Includes 250 of form: #120 100 of forms: #103 and #104 50 of forms: #105, #106, #107, #108, #109, #110 5 of forms: #101 and #102 Plus a FREE NPP Poster at NO Extra Charge! 1 23 Also available in Spanish W-HIP120SP Indexes Poster W-HIPPOST Also available in Spanish W-HIPPOSTSP W-HIPBINDEX5 W-HIPSINDEX5 W-HIPPOST