Wilmer Compatible Filing Product Catalog

29 HEALTHCARE-RELATED PRODUCTS Presentation Folders Two great presentation folder options to suit your needs: 1. Standard Folders- When you need to make a lasting impression because our standard folders are anything but standard! Custom designed to your specifications. Most options ship in 24 hours.and shipped in just three days. Plain folders shipped within 24 hours! 2. Special Products and Packaging- With endless options. Most items ship within 3 business days from art approval. Personalized Products Consider these other personalized products Wilmer has to offer: 1. Acrylic Partitions - Clear acrylic partitions provide a barrier between customers and employees that helps prevent the transmission of viruses. 2. Custom Labels - Labels enhance everyday packaging and make packaging stand out with personalized designs. 3. Custom Folders and Packaging - Custom designed to your specifications. Many options ship in 24 hours. Designers are on hand as well to help with packaging requests. 4. Promotional Post-it ® Notes - Help your customer express themselves with notes as unique as they are. Hundreds of full color designs to choose from or create a custom design. PD33EX INVENTORY IS INPROCESS. DONOTCOUNT! PD33EX PD46XLEX STOPBEFOREYOUDIG! PD33EX PD33EX DONOTENTER PD33EX PD33EX PD33EX PD33EX ThisRoomWas LastSanitized: _______________________ _______________________ Time: Date: QUARANTINED AREA! DO NOTENTER! DONOT ENTER Superbills / Encounter / Router Forms For computer input documents, patient routing slips or internalized patient receipts. WSL53BPL (front) WSL53CPL (middle) WSL53EPL (back) Superbills are available in one-write, laser or continuous styles – both imprinted or plain. • Custom printed medical procedural codes, descriptions or formats to suit your every practice (illustrations shown are examples.) • Custom computer forms are fully compatible with current medical software. • Styles include: Continuous, Laser, Unit Set and Pegboard • All available in single or multi-part.