Wilmer Compatible Filing Product Catalog

30 Features... Functions... and Benefits Label Placement Guide We offer compatible color-coded labels for a variety of color filing systems including popular systems such as; Barkley, Col’R’Tab, AmeriFile, GBS/VRE, Jeter, PMA, POS, Safeguard, Smead, TAB and Traco. Choose from: alpha, numeric, month, year, solid and medical label systems available in roll, ring book, and file box styles. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed a quality label material that ensures fade resistance, bright colors and acrylic adhesive to hold labels longer. Features & Benefits: • Mylar Coating protects from discoloration and cracking due to moisture and heat, increasing label life. • Kimdura Paper maintains original label form, increasing product durability. • High-Quality Adhesive protects the label from lifting off file folders due to humidity, increasing label life. • Compatible Labels Manufactured from Special Electronic Measuring Equipment color-coded to match many popular systems ensure color correctness order after order. • Alpha, Numeric and Special Classification Labels coded with either letters, numbers or specific unique codes (such as allergy) meet a wide variety of customer needs. Why plan color coding groups? Understanding alpha and second-letter usage to plan ahead results in your largest search group of like colors being small enough – unique enough – to direct users to a small number of folders. Note, each geographical area has its own last name frequency characteristics. In the U.S., names like Smith and Jones cause filing problems. But, in many other countries/cultures, only a few common last names are shared. In summary, first and second alpha letter usage helps you determine your filing needs. Solid color labels indicate specific data about the individual. Year label indicates the most current year of the folder and assists in the orderly retirement of records. Name label contains the full name of the individual. This label indicates the first letter of the individual’s last name. This label indicates the second letter of the individual’s last name. COLOR-CODED COMPATIBLE LABELS