Wilmer Compatible Filing Product Catalog

31 Alphabetic This is the most popular, widely used filing method for systems with less than 5,000 records. File alphabetically by name, individual, company, or any other category. Alphabetic systems allow access to information that does not have to be cross-referenced. By using the first or second letter of a person’s last name, a large filing system is reduced to manageable units. Alphabetic labels are available in roll, file box and ring book styles. Straight Numeric This system is most often used for large volumes of records exceeding 5,000 records to arrange files by number, in sequential order, from the lowest to highest number. There are no duplication of files as each number is unique. This system increases file confidentiality when referencing the number to an alphabetic cross-reference, and works well with applications like invoices, account numbers, insurance claims, etc. Terminal Digit This system works well with large volumes of records exceeding 10,000 records or have records that may have “voids” in their numeric sequence. The files are arranged numerically so file numbers having the same last two digits are grouped together. While these file numbers are numeric in sequence, file location is determined by reading the last two digits from left to right. Each filing area is divided into 100 equal sections (00-99), making file expansion and contraction easier while eliminating back shifting of files. Because the first four digits of terminal filing are usually filed in straight numeric sequence, you would find a file labeled 02-16-52 between 02-15-52 and 02-17-52. Year Labels This filing method lets you know at a glance if folders are older or less active and should be removed to free up valuable shelf space. Many operations attach a year label to a file folder at the time the new folder is created to record its origin date. Year labels come 500 labels per roll packaged in a self-dispensing box, unless noted otherwise. Prior year labels available. We carry a full line of compatible year labels. See our CFP-YLG brochure! Communication Labels for Healthcare Use these fluorescent communication labels to convey critical information about a patient, making communication clearer. Communication labels will help prevent mistakes due to poor penmanship. Solid Color & Special Classification Labels Use these labels for assigning special territories, credit classifications, certain litigation, types of illnesses or any special coding requirements unique to your office. Use our medical labels to code patient folders requiring special recognition. Index Labels Printed index sheet medical chart/label category or solid colors designed to use with dividers. Identification of Folders Temporarily Pulled From Their Location Out Guides have vinyl pockets to identify folders that have been removed temporarily and continue to hold needed information in place until the original file is returned. They come in bright colors such as red, yellow, blue and green vinyl, making it easy to keep track of removed folders. System Identification Methods Alpha coding’s two positions create important color groupings. Straight numeric color-coding filing system features bold, large digits for improved visibility. A 1,000-division terminal digit system with random numbers. Custom pre-numbered, pre-colored folders increase folder identification! Numbers, letters, names and barcodes can all be preprinted to meet your particular application needs. COLOR-CODED COMPATIBLE LABELS